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Dress for Success

I've heard it a thousand times. I heard it at home, at school, from friends, during college, and throughout my job application process: "When at work, dress for the job you want." In essence, you should always dress for success. It might seem like extremely simple advice, but dressing well for work can make a huge difference. See the reasons why this piece of advice is super beneficial for you and your career. 

1. First Impressions

Believe it or not, first impressions create the foundation to how you perceive another individual. And that foundation can be hard to break. The visual aesthetic we present to others through our clothing and appearance is very important. If you look sloppy and dirty, you can be perceived as lazy and unintelligent. Dress sharp to start on the right foot.

2. Promotes your self image

Have you seen what happens the moment someone puts on a slick suit and classy shoes? The wearer immediately stands straight, sticks out his chest, and releases an aura of power. This does wonders for your self-esteem and your attitude. When you believe in yourself it reflects through your actions. Your work is immaculate, your social skills are effective, and your decisions are impactful. The simple act of dressing fresh can subconsciously propel you to the upper echelons of your workplace. 

3. Competitive advantage

You will always be scored, judged, and compared to others. If you are dressed to impress, and if that is reflected through your work, then you have the upper hand on all aspects at your job. Promotion? That's yours. More responsibility? That's yours as well. You will be an unstoppable freight train rolling your way through all obstacles you face.


This was our vision. We wanted to help the everyday worker by providing an affordable way to look sharp and fresh at work. Our shoes are of the highest quality, imported directly from Italy. And based on the feedback so far, our shoes are always noticed and always impress. Match our shoes with any fresh suit or outfit to hit the three points listed above. We've also added stylish bags and fashionable belts. You're a hard worker. Show it.


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