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I Quit a Job I Really Enjoyed to Start My Own Business

I've always heard the saying, "Follow your dreams".

From a young early age I was always told that it was not important what I wanted to be when I grew up as long as I did something that made me happy. And lucky for me, I found a job right after college that gave me that "fulfillment" I felt I needed. 

But in the last three years I've lost more family members than I could have imagined. I've lost my cousin, my uncle, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. So when my last remaining grandmother got sick with cancer in September 2017, I got slapped in the face with some reality. Life is truly short. 

So with very little experience as an entrepreneur and the industry I had chosen, I took my first steps to a business of my own to truly follow my dreams. First, I did some basic math. Minus the investment I had kept to the side, my savings would last me about 12 months with no income. Second, I had a very serious conversation with my wife who immediate threw her support my way. And third, I spoke to family and friends to make sure my idea wasn't totally insane. 

I eventually quit my job in January. With so many resources invested in the job that I had, I didn't really have time to focus 100% on my new venture. But from the moment I quit and over the course of the following five months I pushed forward with my goal in mind. With a steep learning curve I was able to travel Europe, join forces with two shoe manufacturers, create my brand, create my website, and start selling a product that encapsulated my passions. My true breakthrough was joining forces with my brother-in-law, who has become the best partner I could have asked for. 

We opened for business online during the first week of June. Over the course of almost a year, my life went from completely predictable to excitingly uncertain. It's been one crazy ride. I have learned more than I could have imagined. And I look forward to the benefits and challenges of this journey. 

Unfortunately, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer on May 31st, 2018. Now I have another angel in heaven, watching me follow my dreams.




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