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Our Logo, Our Colors, Our Hope for You

I woke up extremely early on Sunday morning on February 4th. Our graphics designer Kaliq Ray had texted me the night before assuring me that he would finish up our logo before the end of the night. I was way too tired to stay up and eventually dozed off. 

I woke up with my laptop still open and still propped on my legs. I leaned forward and pressed the power button: nothing, no battery life. I grabbed the laptop and walked into the kitchen. I placed the laptop on the kitchen table and connected the power cord. With a surge of noises and lights, my laptop came to life. 

I logged into my email and immediately saw it. An email from Kaliq Ray in bold placed at the top. I clicked the email and saw the attachment.

"Download attachment?" My computer asked politely. 

I clicked yes. A few seconds later the image appeared. I small grin came to my face as I scanned the image from top to bottom, from left to right. 

"There it is." I remember telling myself. 


Our Logo

We technically have two logos. We have the square design that heads this blog post. But we also have the lesser know design of our company name seen below. 

The above design was just a playful way for us to have our company name in an organized form and shape. My explanation of our logo will focus on our official logo. 


Our logo was created with two things in mind.

1. We are an online retailer with a focus on delivering formal and casual accessories to you, our customer. In its simplest form, our logo is what you would find when opening a square package that includes a dress shirt, tie, and belt. In added layers, our logo is a representation of any product we offer. Although we currently sell dress and casual shoes, belts, and bags, it is our goal to continue to expand to eventually offer all aspects of work attire. 

2. We also wanted a hidden representation of us in the logo. After long deliberations we decided to go with a literal representation. If you look closely in the logo you will find the letters "TCW". Our initials for The Casual Workplace. 

Our Colors

I won't spend too much on this because the reason why I picked the color purple for our brand is extremely simple. Purple is the color for royalty. It also helps that the color looks really good with black and brown dress shoes. 

Our secondary colors are silver and gold. The thought process here is similar to above. And there is the additional plus that the colors complement our main color: purple. 

Our Hope

With our logo and our colors, we wanted to express how we plan to help our customers look fresh at work. Our logo is a reminder of the service we provide and our products. Our color is a representation of our high quality and uniqueness.

We offer affordable, high quality accessories that include dress shoes, casual shoes, leather belts and work bags. You can look sharp at work and keep your wallet happy at the same time. This is our hope. Remember, you're a hard worker. Show it. 


The process to create our look which includes our logo, our colors, and our name lasted a few months and took hard work. We want to give a special thanks to Kaliq Ray who had the knowledge, creativity, and patience to help us reach our goal. If you would like to contact Kaliq Ray for any graphics help just shoot me an email at and I'll get you in touch. He's truly a top-class guy.

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