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Our New Union with Fafa Picault

Adversity is a common factor of life. Nothing is ever handed to anyone on a plate. Whether it be adversity throughout academics, athletics, or the workplace, we firmly believe it's a defining component of any person who reaches success. As a company that has been through a ton of adversity in our young history, we are happy to announce our new partnership with an incredible individual who could reflect our brand genuinely. 

Fafa Picault has been through adversity all his life. Starting in Italy with the Cagliari reserve team at the age of 16, he has slowly worked his way to make an impact on the field over the course of 6 years. He has played in the NASL, Bundesliga 2, and, currently, MLS. As a member of the Philadelphia Union, he has scored 14 goals and converted 6 assists over 2 seasons. Measuring only 5'8" in an extremely physical league, he jumps higher, runs faster, and plays harder than any player on the field. He is a current starter and integral part of the team as the number "9". 

The products of The Casual Workplace, like Fafa, also started in Italy and made their way to the United States. We have effective prices with products that are higher quality and grade when compared to the competition in the field. We offer better customer service, free returns and exchanges, immediate feedback, and a complete satisfaction guarantee. Just some of the ways we work hard to bring the best quality to our customers.  

We would like to thank Fafa for believing in our brand and our vision. We look forward to our future relationship and the hard work associated with growing our brand. More to come. 



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