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The Power of Happy Hour

Never underestimate the power of Happy Hour, especially after an extremely long and hard week at work. It can help you wind down, reflect, and take time for yourself.

I tend to feel that Happy Hour works best with friends that also have interesting and tense jobs. You can exchange stories, give updates, and learn from any feedback you are given. You never know how your next Happy Hour might help you professionally. 

Don't forget, however, that Happy Hour does not always need to be at the bar. I consider it as the few hours after work on a Friday. You can go to a friend's house, enjoy a local restaurant you haven't tried before, or even check out a new or exciting part of town. 

It may be tough to really take the time and effort to refrain from going home and just sitting on the couch all night (which also sounds amazing). But in the end, Happy Hour is usually worth it. 

For me in the dress shoe business, I find it best to explain how my week went and filter through all the feedback I receive from some of the smartest people I know. We hang out in a hip bar downtown that entertains an average number of people. I order the Chicago hotdog every time and wash away the spiciness with a cool can of beer. I also learn about the different aspects of my friends' jobs. I hear what they excel at and where they are challenged. The night usually ends with a fiery debate on football (soccer) which always ends with disagreements. 

Tailor your very own Happy Hour. Spend it with old friends or new coworkers. When Monday comes around, you'll always have something to look forward to towards the end of the week. 



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