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Why Italian Makes a Difference

When deciding to make a purchase for a pair of dress shoes, it always helps to be informed. All dress shoes are different in where they are from, how they are made, and the materials that form the shoes. You need to keep in mind the type of shoe you are looking for, your price point, and comfort level. So here's a short guide that stresses the benefits of Italian leather shoes and why they truly are the best dress shoes in the world. 

1. Elite Craftsmanship

There are many schools of thought when it comes down to the where you can find the best leather dress shoe. But there is a general consensus between the top two in the world. Any leather dress shoe from either Great Britain or Italy is generally considered to be the best buy. Purchase from anywhere else and you're taking a huge gamble. Go ahead, check the pair of dress shoes that you have in your closet. Many on the market are made in China and Vietnam, for example, with a stress on affordability. Find that your shoes are made from one of these countries and you no longer need to wonder why you need a new pair every 6 months. 

In the end, the most popular school of thought sides with Italian leather shoes. It's what constitutes the dress shoes of every CEO, COO, CFO, and so on. Wonder why your boss looks like a boss? There's your answer. 

The Number 1 reason why Italy is regarded as the capital of leather shoes is because of their focus on elite craftsmanship. There are whole towns dedicated to creating leather shoes. It's been passed down from generation to generation and perfected so well they they earned their title. Most shoes are handcrafted. That means they each pair are made from scratch and created with bare hands: no machines. The Italian dress shoe reputation boasts as one in which each pair is completely unique. 

Handcrafted from scratch? Check. 

2. The Best Leather

Since leather encompasses most of the shoe, it is seen as the foundation to crafting. Leather makes up the upper part which is basically the part that hugs the foot and stems from the sole. Italian shoes also have leather soles. This can differ in some Italian shoes however. From experience, the Italians have noticed that an all-leather sole wears down relatively quickly. It can also affect the comfort and the noise one creates when the sole makes contact with the ground. So lately they have been combining a leather sole with rubber cover to ensure quality but also to add a smooth ride. Remember your Vietnamese dress shoes that you have somewhere in your closet? Those will last you a few months. Now Italian leather dress shoes? Those will last you forever. And I'm not joking. They are meant to last you years. It's the investment of your lifetime. 

In short, Italians are very serious when it comes to leather. And the leather that they use is sourced locally. They are careful to either use cow or calf leather which gives each pair of leather dress shoes a natural feel. Most importantly, it helps the shoe adjust and calibrate to your foot, molding to every curve and turn of your skin. Forget those synthetic leather dress shoes you bought at the mall. The ones with a wooden sole. That's rookie stuff. 

Authentic cow leather? Check. 

3. They’re More Comfortable

The two points above combine to form the final reason in favor of Italian leather shoes. With such high quality, you can be sure that your shoes will be one of the most comfortable you have ever had. They will fit nice and snug hugging your feet with the power of a thousand pillows. The structure, the materials, the craftsmanship: these all form the base for a spectacular pair of shoes. 

On your feet all day? This is the shoe for you. Want to get noticed for having a classy pair of dress shoes? This is the shoe for you. Catch my drift? All our shoes are imported directly from Italy, so you now know that you will get quality. And as a bonus we have some of the best prices on the internet. 

Italian Leather Dress Shoes? Check. 


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