Buy One Pair of Classic Dress Shoes, and Get One Pair of Casual Shoes for FREE!

Tons of Savings, Just for You

One of our first decisions as a company was determining where we should source our products. We had to select between finding a manufacturer in Europe or partnering with a wholesale company. With our price point in mind, we found it was more economical to go straight to the manufacturer. This led the way to our strategy to save as much money as possible to then transfer those savings to you. We know you work hard. Now you have the ability to show it while keeping your wallet happy. 

Our shoes are just like many of our competitors who retail their products at over $250 and sometime break the $500 barrier. We don't like that. Our shoes are made of high-quality cow leather in Italy. Just like those $295 shoes you see online. As proof we have even stamped the sole of each shoe with certification of what every part of the shoe is made of. The upper of each shoe is handcrafted with Italian leather. The sole is made of a combination of leather and rubber to ensure quality and comfort. 

And our price? All our shoes are way more affordable than our competitors. We are able to do this by saving on shipping, warehouse space, and utilities. Most importantly, we skip all middlemen, which means no extra markups. Just a solid, stylish, affordable, high-quality, Italian leather dress or casual shoe all for you.