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Workplace Tips for the Hard Worker

Whether you are new to the job or firmly entrenched in your role, your future is in your hands. You’ve already started by completing Tip #1 below so we thought we would share a few more tips to help.


1. Nothing separates you from the pack like getting your stuff done correctly and in a timely manner. So when you’re a hard worker, show it.

2. Your opinion matters. If you disagree, speak up. If you want to make some positive changes, let people know.

3. Make sure you find a mentor. However, most mentor relationships happen naturally rather than being established formally. Always be aware so that you can recognize when this opportunity comes your way.

4. Talking with different co-workers brings about a great workplace culture. Just make sure you stay away from gossip, it could tarnish your reputation.

5. With that said, decide what your reputation should be. If you’re new, start on the right foot. If you’ve been in the same environment for a while you can always freshen your brand with the right tools. Keep promises, make deadlines and over-deliver. Remember that details are important, especially when you get them right.

6. Always try to offer a solution. Don’t stoke the fire by adding more problems, especially if you’re planning to talk to your boss. In the end, the solution may be incorrect but at least you are carrying your weight.

7. Don’t take everything too personal. Work is work and you never know what someone else might be going through. Everyone carries their own suitcase of problems in the crazy game we call “life”.

8. Although you are expected to work, being at your desk for 12 hours straight can drive you crazy. Go outside and take a little walk to reset, refresh, and reorganize yourself. A little “me” time can go a long way.

9. Perfect your work-life balance. Some weeks may be crazier than others but always take the time to enjoy your friends, your family, and your significant other. Sometimes you need a little chicken soup for the soul.

10. Take risks. And although last, I feel that this is the most important point on this list. No one is perfect, not even Chris Pratt and he’s amazing. Take risks, make mistakes, learn, take more risks, make more mistakes, learn some more, and reap the rewards over time. Make sure that when you look back at your life you have one great story.